IRS Pubs

For you the Taxpayer, we have downloaded to an 8GB USB thumb drive, all IRS forms, instructions and publications that are available in digital form from the IRS. It is loaded with tax information that can be used in any computer with Internet access.

Every commonly used form and instructions for preparation of those forms are listed on the thumb drive. Even many that are not so common. In addition, the complete Internal Revenue Service Code is included, also Congressional Changes, even IRS private letter rulings to give you the edge when the IRS position doesn’t appear to be clear.

You can search court cases and our guidelines assist you in getting your maximum legal deductions, and fulfill all of you filing requirements as a Taxpayer.  All of this is included on the Thumb Drive from IRS Pubs.

Business people, Executives, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Attorneys, Wage earners and anyone who deals with taxes or needs to know the tax impact of what they are doing, needs this thumb drive.

Carry it with you. Extract and print what you need at a moment’s notice. Use it during an audit. Use it with clients, explaining earnings, retirement, 401k, and investments and the tax advantages or consequences. All on a accessed from a small thumb drive.

We give you enough information to teach college level courses on taxes, or to train tax preparers. You can order this thumb drive simply by clicking on the “order here” icon above. For those of you that have been directed here from our many IRS publications, we offer a direct link below to Amazon for the following publications: